Seth Godin – The death of the industrial age and a shift to Entrepreneurialism

31 Jan

On today’s show I don’t have a tip for you. Instead let’s watch one of the authorities on business and marketing,  Seth Godin.

In this interview Seth Godin talks about the death of the industrial age and a shift that is currently going on.  A shift towards more independent aka. entrepreneurial thinking.

This is so important I’ve already watched it twice today and will probably watch it twice more!

“The industrial age is going away and this new thing is taking place…”

“What do you think we should do?”

“Pick yourself. If you want to write, write.  If you want to sing, sign. If you want to start a movement start a movement.”

Seth calls it a shift.  We need to look at ways to do it ourselves (self employment, anyone?) rather than go work for the factory for 40 years because those factory jobs don’t exist any more.

This reminds me of another article I read in the NY Times last week. Average is over.

Do you see the shift?

Are you a part of the tribe making their own future or a part of the group that is still holding on to the industrial age idea of working for someone else for 40 years, praying you still have a job?

 Seth Godin   The death of the industrial age and a shift to Entrepreneurialism

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