Seth Godin – The death of the industrial age and a shift to Entrepreneurialism

31 Jan

On today’s show I don’t have a tip for you. Instead let’s watch one of the authorities on business and marketing,  Seth Godin.

In this interview Seth Godin talks about the death of the industrial age and a shift that is currently going on.  A shift towards more independent aka. entrepreneurial thinking.

This is so important I’ve already watched it twice today and will probably watch it twice more!

“The industrial age is going away and this new thing is taking place…”

“What do you think we should do?”

“Pick yourself. If you want to write, write.  If you want to sing, sign. If you want to start a movement start a movement.”

Seth calls it a shift.  We need to look at ways to do it ourselves (self employment, anyone?) rather than go work for the factory for 40 years because those factory jobs don’t exist any more.

This reminds me of another article I read in the NY Times last week. Average is over.

Do you see the shift?

Are you a part of the tribe making their own future or a part of the group that is still holding on to the industrial age idea of working for someone else for 40 years, praying you still have a job?


What Is the Worst Thing You Can Say to a Prospect

26 Jan

Do you know what the worst thing you can say to a prospect for your MLM opportunity is?

Do you know what single WORD stops your prospects dead in their tracks?

Do you know how you can replace that single word with a more powerful word that gets your prospect into ACTION?

Listen to the MLM Tips below:

play audio What Is the Worst Thing You Can Say to a Prospect

We all make these mistakes.  Some of us analytical personality types make this mistake even more often!

Learning this one simple technique will help you sponsor more prospects ON THE SPOT. No more waiting for them to make a decision.

Prefer video? I even recorded a youtube video of this which I shared with my team.

Let me know what you like best!


How to Convert Prospects & Leads

24 Jan

Do you generate internet leads?

Do you deal with cold calling prospects?

Do you buy leads?

Would you like to know how to convert prospects & leads into distributors?

This episode reveals a simple technique you can use to convert more cold leads. Using this strategy magically lowers their barriers and makes them more interested in working with you.

What is it? Listen below!

play audio How to Convert Prospects & Leads

Do you use this strategy when you’re dealing with telephone/internet leads?  Does it work for you?

Do you have any of your own tips to share with our listeners?


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Busting the Myth of the Pre-Launch MLM company

17 Jan

In this episode we tackle the myth that you need to join a pre-launch MLM company.

Listen to the show below to find out why joining a pre-launch company may not be everything you hoped and dreamed of.

play audio Busting the Myth of the Pre Launch MLM company

In network marketing there is a common misconception that only the people at the beginning make money.

What most people don’t realize is that the people involved in pre-launch companies have a lot of challenges to overcome. They have to face challenges that people who get involved with a later stage company don’t have.  I know I have been there. I was #899 to join my company. I was there in the very early pre-launch days and have been through it all!

Here are some factors in joining a startup or pre-launch:

  • Most new companies fail in the first 5 years
  • New companies may have to change products
  • New companies may have flaws in their compensation plan that require the comp plan to be changed
  • Lack of sophisticated marketing tools
  • Lack of mature training systems
  • Limited international availability (in some cases maybe even limited availability country wide)
  • Later stage growth is usually faster and people can make money faster because all the systems, training, and marketing tools are in place

Most importantly, if you plan to join a pre-launch company you should be an experienced network marketer.  A novice should not join a pre-launch MLM company as they may not be able to handle the unique challenges a startup provides.


How to Pick a MLM Company Part 2

12 Jan

This is our fifth and final show in our series on how to analyze a MLM opportunity to determine if it is a good business or not. This is part two of our show on analyzing your MLM company, the executive staff, their history, the company history, goals, outstanding legal issues, BBB compliants, and more.

play audio How to Pick a MLM Company Part 2

This is the fifth and final episode in a series of shows on how to pick a MLM company.  This show covers the criteria you may want to consider when selecting a MLM company.  If you missed the previous shows you can use the links below to listen to them.

In this show we talk about other methods of investigating the company to find out whether or not they may have a lot of consumer complaints, outstanding lawsuits, etc. One of the strategies for this is to setup a Google Alert to notify you when your company name is mentioned in the news. For more information, listen to the show, and use the links below.

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